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Put your game face on and let the games begin.

Let’s face it, Dubai summer is on a mission to roast us. But we’ve got the perfect escape – board games. It’s time to ditch endless scrolling and let your imagination run wild with some mind-boggling games. And guess what? Dubai’s got your back with some fantastic cafes where the fun never stops. Compete, laugh and feast while you challenge your friends to an epic showdown. Summer’s calling and it’s time to level up the fun, so here are all the board game cafes in Dubai you can head to for a gaming adventure.

Brain Game Dubai

Thinking of a rooftop escape with a bunch of your friends? Then head over to the Jumeirah Terrace Building for a board game paradise. That’s right. With a great selection of snacks and around 20 games to rent and play, the fun never stops at Brain Game Dubai. Get ready for epic gaming sessions and endless fun with your buddies in the heart of the city.

GO: Visitwww.braingame.aefor more information.

DICE Board Game Cafe

Sick of those short-lived social media thrills and Netflix screen strains? It’s time to ditch the screens and reconnect with your pals in a super cosy spot – the DICE Board Game Cafe in Jumeirah Village. Say hello to endless laughs with mind-blowing board games and mandala colouring. And of course, munch on some amazing treats from their elaborate menu. Food + Games = Fun – and that is exactly what this place guarantees.

GO: Visitwww.dice-cafe.comfor more information.

Game Over Escape Rooms and Board Game Cafe

At Game Over, get ready to unleash your inner child and create incredible memories with your loved ones. Or hey, maybe even go for your first date. From classic gems such as Ludo and Monopoly to the latest wonders, this cafe boasts a collection of over 100 board games. Located in Al Warqa, you can sip your favourite drinks and play games for free. So grab your buddies and let the games begin.

GO: Visithttps://dubai.escapegameover.aefor more information.


Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, this place has over 500 games for you to choose from. All you need to do is learn the rules – if you don’t know them already – and roll the dice. For food, they’ve got sandwiches, wraps and shakes so you can gulp them down while plotting your next move. This place makes sure that you and your friends have a great time.

GO: Visitwww.hiveboardgame.comfor more information.


If you’re a game guru with a love for coffee, then Kefi is the place for you. This ultimate hangout spot has books, board games, aromatic coffee and desserts that’ll make you wish you never had to leave. With over 200 games to choose from, you’re guaranteed to have a great time here. So gather your friends and hop on over to Kefi at Al Mamzar.

GO: Visitwww.kefi.aefor more information.

The Hungry Monkey Dubai

Step into a game-lovers wonderland at this epic bar located in Barsha and prepare to be consumed by the thrilling world of board games. This bar is cosy, dark and oh-so-inviting. And with this scorching summer heat, it’s the perfect place to hang out with your friends. Besides delicious treats, they’ve also got Jenga, Ludo, chess, Taboo, and many more games in store, so gather your squad and let the games begin.

GO: Follow @hungrymonkeydubai on Instagram for more information.

The Six

This ultimate board game cafe on Sheikh Mohammed Boulevard is all about games, good food and nonstop fun. Located right in front of the Burj Khalifa, you’ll not only enjoy breathtaking views and great food but also get a chance to explore their library of over 1000 games. The staff will be happy to explain the rules and maybe even play a round with you so you can get the hang of it. At The Six, the fun never stops.

GO: Visitwww.thesixcafe.comfor more information.

Unwind Cafe

Located on Hessa Street, the name says it all. This is your chance to relax with a good cup of coffee, tempting treats and a collection of board games that guarantees a good time. Bring your friends and family – or even colleagues from work – and battle it out to show them who’s boss.

GO: Visitwww.unwindcafe.aefor more information.

8 board game cafes in Dubai to level up the fun - FACT Magazine (2024)
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