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Design future-proof connected fleet solutions that are intuitive and easy to integrate for businesses of all sizes.


Provide actionable insights and business intelligence to inform and transform fleet operations.


Automate processes and enable businesses to achieve optimal fleet performance, safety, compliance, and sustainability.


Deliver user-friendly, accessible platforms, training, and customer support.

About Fleet Complete

We empower organizations through offering powerful, yet intuitive, connected fleet solutions. At Fleet Complete, our solutions are driven by:

  • Strategic vision.
  • Customer-centric design.
  • Trusted partnerships.
  • Continuous innovation and product enhancements.
  • Speed-to-value.
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Our Vision

Driving sustainability​ by providing insights that optimize a fleet’s performance, safety and environmental footprint.

Our Mission

Fleet Complete is a leading global provider of mission-critical connected technologies for fleet-based organizations. We empower organizations through offering powerful, yet intuitive, connected fleet solutions.

Our Values

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Boosting Fleet’s Efficiency

Optimize your fleet operations when you access real-time data powered by our cloud-based FC platform.

Learn More

Optimize your fleet operations when you access real-time data powered by our cloud-based FC platform.

Learn More

Optimize your fleet operations when you access real-time data powered by our cloud-based FC platform.

Learn More

Optimize your fleet operations when you access real-time data powered by our cloud-based FC platform.

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Adelaide, Australia

25 Wright St,
Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

+61 1300 653 395

Ballerup, Denmark

Lautruphøj 5,
2750 Ballerup, Denmark

+45 4548 0104

Tallinn, Estonia

Lõõtsa 1a,
11415 Tallinn, Estonia

+372 682 9500

Tartu, Estonia

Kastani 42-4th floor,
50410 Tartu, Estonia

+372 766 8990

Athens, Greece

Leof. Vouliagmenis 26,
Athens PC 11743, Greece

+30 211 199 058

Merida, Mexico

Carretera Temozón Norte,
Tablaje Catastral 21942,
Mérida, Yucatán 97300, Mexico

+52 800 980 0808

Utrecht, Netherlands

Stadsplateau 17,
3521 AZ Utrecht, Nederland

+31 88 203 0100


Tērbatas iela 74a, Centra rajons,
Rīga, LV-1001, Latvia

+371 67 543 131

Vilnius, Lithuania

Perkūnkiemio g. 3, Vilnius,
12127 Vilniaus m. sav., Lithuania

+370 5 205 9955

Toronto, Canada

18 King St E #1800,
Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, Canada

+1 416 944 0863

FC Global Offices

Our Culture

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Building Diverse, People-First Teams

We are a team of dedicated, innovative and passionate people, driven to help our customers and each other succeed. We celebrate collaboration, equity, and inclusion, to reflect the diverse communities we serve globally.

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Continuously Innovating

From innovative products and processes, to setting new industry standards and implementing best practices, Fleet Complete remains committed to delivering solutions that work.

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Helping Fleets Thrive

Fleets trust Fleet Complete with mission-critical aspects of their businesses, and that’s why we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality in both our products and our customer service.

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Driven By Partnerships

We partner with industry-leading OEM, software and telecommunications providers to help organizations unlock the complete potential of their fleets, through one integrated solution.

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Prioritizing Connectivity and Visibility

Through IoT solutions, Fleet Complete helps fleets stay connected with their drivers, vehicles, and high-value assets to power safer, smarter operations for the economies of today and tomorrow.

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Giving Back to Community

Founded upon the principle of helping small, local businesses, Fleet Complete strives to strengthen community safety and sustainability through give-back initiates. From sponsorship to fundraisers to charity events, we prioritize corporate social responsibility.

Recognized By

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Founder Story

As a young Computer Science college student in Toronto, Tony started developing software to provide tangible solutions to real-world problems. Raised by immigrant parents with entrepreneurial roots, Tony was determined to support hard-working entrepreneurs powering the physical economy.

While consulting with a small, local courier company, Tony learned about the many challenges faced when managing commercial vehicles
and drivers.

Costs associated with commercial vehicle insurance, fuel, compliance, driver safety, and workforce management are among the top challenges for these businesses. This inspired Tony to develop connected solutions for last mile logistics companies, and later expanding to support all
types of fleet

Fleet Complete Throughout the Years


Courier Complete, a courier dispatch and workforce solution, is founded by Tony Lourakis, out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada dedicated to serving SMBs across Canada and the United States.


Courier Complete scales to become a North American leader in the last mile logistics software space, serving 400-500 fleet-based organizations.


The Fleet Complete product is launched. The simple, yet powerful fleet tracking solution becomes part of Courier Complete’s expansion towards fleet management solutions.


Courier Complete is rebranded to Fleet Complete, as the demand rises exponentially for a broader range of fleet management solutions.


Fleet Complete continues to expand and enters international markets, serving fleet-based organizations across North America, Europe, Mexico, and Australia.


A leading choice for fleet-based organizations, Fleet Complete’s portfolio offers one intuitive, cloud-based platform, several connected devices, partnerships and more.

Meet our Leadership Team

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Tony Lourakis

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

About - Fleet Complete (112)
Cynthia Schyff

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

About - Fleet Complete (113)
Frank Friesacher

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

About - Fleet Complete (114)
Jarrad Simpson

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

About - Fleet Complete (115)
Jamal Raza

Executive Vice President, Professional Services

About - Fleet Complete (116)
Craig Fisk

Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing NA

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Michael Seychell

General Manager Australia

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Paul Ten Haaf

Managing Director of Fleet Complete Europe

About - Fleet Complete (119)
Rafael Gozzi Gallastegui

VP North American Customer Experience and Managing Director, Mexico

Meet the team

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About - Fleet Complete (2024)
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