Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (2024)

Just a few weeks after the release of the official Minecraft 1.20 update, Mojang released another quick update 1.20.1, that fixed issues associated with Minecraft Realms. Here’s our selection of the top seeds for Minecraft for version 1.20.1 that cover all the new features of the Trails & Tails update.

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Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds List

Seed: 6942000003196040336

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (1)
  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Various

Here’s one of the most versatile seeds in Minecraft 1.20.1. You start on a survival island with several biomes and a village with a blacksmith. There’s an exposed ruined portal on the beach, and I also found an ocean monument to the south of the island at coordinates -400, 300.

Seed: 6454089

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (2)
  • Spawn: -50, 100
  • Biomes: Plains

Although the area at spawn may look like one giant city, in reality, it’s actually three villages standing extremely close to each other. There are about 40 buildings in total, which could be easily multiplied and turned into a massive settlement.

Seed: 1002143106227712104

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (3)
  • Spawn: 50, -100
  • Biomes: Jungle, Desert, Ocean

As I spawned on this lush survival island with a desert village, what really caught my attention was the pillager outpost on an adjacent tiny island nearby. It’s really unusual how sometimes Minecraft distributes structures, creating the most exciting gameplay scenarios.

Seed: -4574673692709112722

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (4)
  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Cherry Grove

Well, here’s an unusual spawn, taking you to the edge of a sinkhole in the middle of the massive cherry grove biome. But the best part about this seed for me would be the village sitting right inside that sinkhole. Two words can describe this seed perfectly: weird and beautiful.

Seed: 4325227337

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (5)
  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Plains, Forest

If you don’t find living in a sinkhole terribly exciting, then here’s a seed that offers a settlement in the center of a lake right at spawn. You’ll notice an exposed ruined portal sitting right next to a village on the same lake. I also found an archeology site for the trail ruins at coordinates -400, 300.

Seed: 2591718384414506427

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (6)
  • Spawn: -50, 50
  • Biomes: Savanna, Forest

It’s never been easier to farm mobs than in this Minecraft seed that has one of the rarest concentrations of dungeons in history. At coordinates -1400, 150, you’ll be able to locate 6 dungeons, with mostly skeletons and spiders. I’ve never seen so many in one place, and here are the exact coordinates of each one:

  1. -1410, 130
  2. -1400, 160
  3. -1420, 285
  4. -1450, 320
  5. -1440, 390
  6. -1495, 570

Seed: 6960347577965979123

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (7)
  • Spawn: 50, -50
  • Biomes: Ocean, Forest

Having a nice island village at spawn is good. But what about an island mansion at spawn? That’s a completely new story that activates a completely different set of survival instincts where you can try out a few different strategies. Remember: once you clear out all the hostile mobs in the mansion, they never respawn again, so use it to your advantage.

Seed: 769309284

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (8)
  • Spawn: 50, -50
  • Biomes: Swamp, Forest, Plains

A strange thing happens when dungeons overlap with amethyst geodes in Minecraft. The dungeon simply disappears, and the amethyst geode serves as the room for the treasure chest and mob spawner. I was able to locate such a rarity right at spawn under the ground.

Seed: 903149622045447

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (9)
  • Spawn: 50, -50
  • Biomes: Forest, Plains

This lake village at spawn isn’t too big, and it’s located right across the mountain with exposed dripstone caves. These caves can lead you to a number of trail ruins that are perfect for finding pottery shards. Here are the exact coordinates of these ruins:

  1. -184, -488
  2. -264, -680
  3. -696, -472
  4. 584, 136

Seed: -254135236

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (10)
  • Spawn: 50, -50
  • Biomes: Cherry Grove, Plains

I spawned in a valley with cherry blossom trees, and to my surprise, I discovered four villages surrounding the valley. There’s also an ancient city right under one of them at coordinates -264, -51, -264. Here are the coordinates of the villages:

  1. 80, 16
  2. -288, 128
  3. -144, -400
  4. 368, -368

Seed: 54876624712

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (11)
  • Spawn: 320, 144
  • Biomes: Plains

Once you spawn on the ocean shore, there are two opportunities: one is the village at coordinates 560, 128; and the other is the shipwreck at coordinates 248, 168. What’s remarkable about the shipwreck is that it contains not one but two Coast Armor Trims. These can be applied to your armor pieces at the smithing table for some cool patterns.

Seed: -8667047715126583669

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (12)
  • Spawn: 608, -32
  • Biomes: Savanna, Ocean

Acacia island village is surrounded by coral reef at spawn! This is super lucky, and the area around the island is just as exciting. If you travel up north, you’ll reach the mainland. If you go south, you’ll arrive at a huge mushroom island at coordinates -100, 300. On your way there, you’ll be able to locate an ocean monument at coordinates 40, 248.

Seed: 4025813641740264014

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (13)
  • Spawn: -48, 16
  • Biomes: Plains

Mob farmers rejoice! Here’s a perfect seed for setting up a quick mob farm with an exposed dungeon that has generated right under a village at coordinates -2180, 525. It’ll take you some time to get there from the spawn point, but it’s worth it, as you spawn in the desolate snowy plains biome that hasn’t got much to offer anyway.

Seed: 8100723600817631085

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (14)
  • Spawn: 80, -112
  • Biomes: Taiga

I spawned on the lakeshore with quite a few hidden treasure chests all around the lake. At coordinates -144, 176, I also found a village, and further up north, I was able to locate a double village at coordinates -784, -544. But the best thing in this seed is definitely a very rare double dungeon at coordinates 1580, -25, -1070.

Seed: 3436613175972650495

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (15)
  • Spawn: -32, -32
  • Biomes: Snowy Plains, Frozen Ocean

Sometimes, you want your island to be lush and warm, and sometimes, you want it to be freezing cold. So be ready to spawn on an island village amidst a mass of icebergs. Don’t worry; there’s enough wood for survival, and you get a giant exposed nether portal that stands right in the middle of the village.

Seed: 1002143076142093481

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (16)
  • Spawn: 240, 160
  • Biomes: Snowy Plains, Frozen Ocean

Here’s an extra challenge for the iceberg village survival. Near the settlement, you also get an island with the pillager outpost at coordinates 64, 64. This makes things a bit more dangerous than the seed above, which could offer only a bunch of white bears for a challenge of any sort.

Seed: 111111111111

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (17)
  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Desert

If you get quickly tired of the cold biomes, then check out this desert seed. You’ll spawn in an area brimming with ravines. One of them hides the unusual site of a fully buried desert temple at coordinates 24, 56. The temple’s entrance is exposed, so you can get inside pretty easily.

Seed: 7505781388816355520

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (18)
  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Taiga, Jagged Peaks

Living on the surface can be a chore, but surviving in the depths can be really fun. That’s why you should try this Minecraft seed that spawns you right next to a village that’s sitting on the bottom of the giant crater. There’s access to a cave down there that can lead you to an ancient city at coordinates 40, -51, 152.

Seed: 39125021763781630

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (19)
  • Spawn: 16, -48
  • Biomes: Plains, Ocean

Not all island villages spawn in the center of the ocean. This one, for example, spawns right next to the mainland, providing quick access to all sorts of materials. I’d suggest trying this survival seed for all beginner Minecraft players.

Seed: 69420023628519127

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (20)
  • Spawn: -32, 48.
  • Biomes: Plains, Cherry Grove.

If you’re looking for a village with beautiful scenery, you’ll find no better. This village is in the middle of a crater and surrounded by giant Cherry Grove. There are also plenty of resources on the cliffside, so you’ll never need to go too far.

Seed: 6025

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (21)
  • Spawn: -5, 62.
  • Biomes: Dark Forest, Swamp

This unique seed will spawn you in an area filled with small islands of various biomes. Right in the middle is a giant stone pillar with lava coming down the side of it. Trees, water, mushrooms, and cool natural structures —what more do you need?

Seed: 1099470118337667383

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (22)
  • Spawn: -13, -55.
  • Biome: Forest, Stony Peaks, Sparse Jungle.

Can’t decide on which biome you want to explore? No worries, this seed has three of them right at spawn! The scenery is unique and breathtaking, and it’s full of resources that are ripe for the taking. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s also a Jungle Temple filled with treasures.

Seed: 5305304

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (23)
  • Spawn: -1, -8.
  • Biome: Plains.

I love to settle down in a cozy little village when I’m not dealing with the dangers of the open world. You’ll spawn in a quaint village that has cherry blossom trees throughout. It also has an Iron Golem for added protection. This is the perfect place to start out since it has tools and houses right from the get-go.

Seed: 8558586801590466399

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (24)
  • Spawn: 9, 93.
  • Biome: Savanna.

This is the perfect little mining village. You’ll spawn in this deconstructed village, with each house on its own platform. You can raid their houses, take their tools, and head right to the cave behind the village.

Seed: -6734403706810274694

Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (25)
  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Plains, Forest, Jungle

Let’s finish off with something amusing like this woodland mansion at coordinates -984, -504 that has a village hut stuck in the ceiling. I’m not sure how the villagers feel about this, but you can check this glitch out when exploring this area.

That’s it for my list of the best Minecraft 1.20.1 seeds. Check out more Minecraft articles right here, including a huge catalog of awesome seeds for PC, PS4|5, Xbox One|S|X, and Nintendo Switch!

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Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.20.1 Seeds (2024)
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