Unsolved Mysteries (NBC/CBS/Lifetime/Spike/Netflix) (2024)

I was hooked on this show back in the day. It started when I was in high school. I also used to like America's Most Wanted (but was never a fan of Cops or Rescue 911 - my dad liked both of those). I was never really big on the Lost Love segments (with the exception of one or two), or the alien/ghost segments, but loved the rest.

I can't recall many of the specific segments, but 3 haunted me for years, and thankfully all were solved:

1) The Murder Of Lisa Marie Kimmel (a/k/a L'il Miss): it took eons to solve the case, but they finally did, and found her car buried on the land of the man who killed her (who is now in jail, but sadly not before he attempted to kill some other people) - a random stranger who saw her when she stopped at a rest area for a break, followed her, and ran her off the road. Sadly, U/M continued to call her mom - even after they found her killer and her car - to tell her somoene called in and saw her car - some 30-odd years after she was killed. It got to be too much for her mom, and she kept asking them to update her case, but the last time they called, she was told they had no plans to do so. I think she threatened to sue them, and they finally updated it and stopped calling. They're looking in to her killer's background as they believe they will find more victims. She had been found just a few days after she disappeared, but what happened to her, her car, and who did it was the mystery.


2) The Murder Of The Rogers Women: this one aired when I was in college, and it shook me, because two of them resembled a family I knew, and the 3rd one resembled a friend I'd known since childhood. The family I knew were also from a rural area, and naieve, and I could see them also accepting a boat ride from a friendly stranger who charmed them. The case was finally solved a few years after airing, thanks to the tenacity of a neighbor of the killer, and a prior victim who was visiting Florida from Canada (they think she lived because a friend of hers bailed on the boat ride at the last mintue, and he fantasized about killing more than one person at once, but he did sexually assault her) because he followed the same scheme with her that he eventually did with the Rogers women. After he was caught, he was tried, sentenced to death, and executed. Since then, they've linked him conclusively to another murder, and believe they will find more. I felt terrible that the father/husband was accused of it initially. There was a book written about this case called "Death Cruise" and it goes very in-depth, and is really good.


**The above link has one thing wrong - their killer wasn't a fisherman - he was a contractor who specialized in installing siding**

This award winning article is in a number of parts, and is a faster read than the book, and still goes pretty in-depth. The whole thing is sad, including why they needed a vacation in the first place):


3) The Disappearance Of Wendy Camp, her young daughter, and Sister-In-Law: I never once believed her hag of an ex-mother-in-law dropped the 3 of them at Wal-Mart, as she said she did. It's bad enough they wanted to knock-off their disabled ex-daughter-in-law (who may have been disabled due to her ex-husband's drug habit - he also had many other kids with underage girls), but to also take her young daughter from a previous marriage (no relation to them) and her sister-in-law in the process was just disgusting. There were long-standing rumors that the family had connections to law enforcement and the courts, which would explain why they were essentially able to kidnap their grandson and not give him back while his mother was in the hospital very ill, able to move away and not give the court a forwarding address or notify the boy's mother they were moving, and why a court found them in contempt but never had them return the boy to his mother. It took 20 years, but they found all 3 buried in an unmarked grave on land owned by the family. The boy's grandmother and a relative of hers are in jail. The boy's father is not, and the great-grandmother is dead. Sadly, the boy- now an adult - refuses to believe the family had anything to do with this, and had nothing but good things to say about all of them.


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Unsolved Mysteries (NBC/CBS/Lifetime/Spike/Netflix) (2024)
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